For viewer's convenience we have done a reasonable search on the internet and have found some useful websites to learn about some interesting related topics This search is by no means comprehensive but give a very good idea of what agricultural and related knowledge is available on the internet. We are continuously researching the internet for interesting and relevant websites with agricultural information and other interesting relevant information..  These links include  ,for example ,other property websites, information about accommodation and tourism, information about agricultural enterprises, wild life and legal matter concerning property . You are invited to have a free  appropriate link on this website . We reserve the right  however to refuse any site which we regard as in appropriate. PLEASE CONTACT us and have your site entered here as well.

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Agricultural Information  for general information on agriculture in South Africa. This website also gives a huge number of appropriate links to relevant websites. for agricultural information in the Western Cape  give suitable links for most agricultural enterprises      give an overview of Pricing behavior in South Africa in the food and agricultural sectors in a report to the National Treasury  gives an excellent report on frequently asked questions on wine growing equally applicable to South Africa  gives an informative report on recommendations of the South African Water Research Commission all about the South African Government Department of Agriculture and a lot of other useful links within the website itself. Well worth the visit!  is a NGO site describing the history of world agricultural history and interesting topics such as waste water treatment on the site map link  describes the new structure of Agricultural Research in South Africa describes some aspects of organic agriculture This is the National Agricultural Directory compiled with care and dedication by editing and merging the contributions of just over 2500 organizations and agricultural specialists This publication is published by Rainbow S A on is mentioned in the above publication for its contribution to S A Agriculture in the soil science and Agricultural consulting field Research on conservation farming

Legal and economic information about property Some legal aspects of property  For some property trends in South Africa



Wild life information is a must for birding enthusiasts is typical of  work done by Conservation societies throughout the Western Cape Province. is an interesting wild life website for South Africa  for info on fynbos in the Western Cape Cape Nature Conservation Protected trees and plants in South Africa  Birding interests


Tourist information
A very useful on line travel guide is a information website of the Overberg Western Cape safaris in Kwa Zulu Natal Accommodation in game for a preview to the magical town of Greyton situated in the Overberg

General information on South Africa learn about South African Society, History, Geography, Economy, Government. Etc. for general information on Agriculture in South Africa Keeping in touch with all the latest technology in Agriculture in South Africa all about dogs and pets and especially dog training methods etc. Official information of the South African Consulate

Academic information on some South African Universities University of Slellenbosch a leader in so much technology in South Africa On the faculty of Science and Agriculture University of Kwa Zulu Natal Pietermaritzburg


  Business planning in Agriculture is a useful website for information to plan your farm efficiently is a consulting firm based in the Western Cape


  Search engines  and follow the agriculture link on website for general info in Agriculture a general and very useful search engine on just about anything

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