Exclusive Selling Rights

This Farm is Unique because it is being sold because the seller is retiring from farming and is not  because of financial constraints

This is a high performance and successful dairy farm


 Professional Business and Asset Evaluation available for inspection

by  qualified buyers



                    THE FARM is situated in the Swellendam district . It comprises two title deeds .40,5 ha and 58,4 ha

        The farm consists mainly of irrigated pastures for dairy production.

        Water on the property is derived from Buffeljags Rivier Besproeingsraad. River. Canal storage dam system

        74 ha land is under permanent irrigation. One 37kw electric booster pump at bottom of dam   which is filled from the Canal.

        Water certificates/ invoices for Buffeljags Rivier Besproeingsraad scheme need to be supplied by owner.

        There is one dwelling house with double parking garage, six workers houses which have electricity and water. One flat let above garage, Workshop room and barn with afdak.. Diary and calf houses

        High Performance 390 Jersey cows, pasture based fodder flow, very healthy cows, top price for milk ( currently R3.00 /litre) 28TH October, 2010, because of high quality and good management with excellent income.

        All irrigation equipment and implements go with he farm. Full list available.

        Professional Valuation and Business Plan available to qualified buyer

        Selling price R 15,5 million Only